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Re-collection: Art, New Media and Social Memory

Mike Leggett
Book review

Re-collection: Art, New Media and Social Memory
Richard Rinehart and Jon Ippolito
MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. and London, England.
297 pp., b/w illus. 
ISBN: 9780262027007 (hc)

Referencing artists from the late 20th Century, methods of storage, emulation, migration and reinterpretation employed are assessed in relation to particular artworks that have suffered from obsolescence, within analogue structures (from Flavin to Nam June Paik), and digital systems, (Silicon Graphics-based works by for instance Char Davies). The test for suitability of these methods is whether one or a combination will maintain the fundamental quality of the aesthetic experience as defined by the artist, with little or no concession made to the shortcomings of the tools employed to recreate that experience. (in Leonardo Digital Reviews)