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Mapping Spaces : Networks of Knowledge in 17th Century Landscape Painting

Mike Leggett
Book review

Ulrike Gehring & Peter Weibel (eds) 
ZKM / Hirmer Publishers, Munich
504 pp., b/w, col. illus.

ISBN 978-3-7774-2230-5 (hc)

The two editors of this substantial volume, an off-shoot of what must have been a spectacular exhibition at ZKM (the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe), provide the excellent introductory and closing essays to contributions by thirty-seven authors, mainly from German and Dutch academic institutions. ZKM is known mainly for its work with media artists, transdisciplinary research and collaboration internationally, the exhibition and publication bringing into the light artefacts and reflections from a previous age of exploration at the beginnings of the Enlightenment. The space of the title is the application of intellect to describing and representing the dynamics of distance, and thought.