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An interactive multimedia prototype of PathScape was developed in 1999/2000 with a small team of which I was project leader, in association with the Australian Film Commission. The prototype has an interface and navigation system giving access to ‘narratives’ by their association with a specific place or location or series of locations. The taxonomy is represented with images of contiguous cinematic space - individual photo images are pixilated to produce apparent motion in a forward direction, perceived as a movement ‘into’ the space recorded, a landscape. The movement is achieved by gesture, using a mouse in the prototype. The project led to further research and the development of the Mnemovie engine later in the decade. There are several articles about the project: the PDF on this page is extracted from and description and reflections on the project during later PhD research. There is also a book chapter Strangers on the Land - Place and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (2008), and the paper Towards a metadesign approach for building indigenous multimedia cultural archives that preceded it. Earlier papers include: Pathscape: Indexing Audio-Visual Media (2005) and PathScapes - Interface Options for Visual Indexing (2003)