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APG Art and Economics Documentation

1971 - 2012
Media Installation

"APG was a milestone in Conceptual Art in Britain, reinventing the means of making and disseminating art, and anticipating many of the issues facing cultural workers today. It represented itself in a number of exhibitions and events, notably in the exhibition Art and Economics at the Hayward Gallery in 1971 with artistic interventions by Garth Evans, Barry Flanagan, John Latham and others.  Over three weeks, representatives from industry and government were invited to gather around a table at the Hayward to discuss APG's ideas with its associated artists. Exhibition visitors were not invited to participate in the discussions, separated from the discussants by PVC curtains, although the conversations were recorded on video and rebroadcast via monitors throughout the gallery. The video recordings shown for the first time since inn7o at Raven's Row in 2012 were considerably deteriorated but revealing of a dramatic confrontation between artistic and corporate cultures – were made by Mike Leggett."